About Hankyu Jang

“First Prize” in 2017 Indiana Medicaid Data Challenge – Data Analysis


Hankyu is a graduate student in MS in Data Science program at Indiana University Bloomington. With the background in Computer Science, he is now building up his skills in Data Science.

His research interest is in Artificial Intelligence. He applied Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering to group 100 students into subgroups in a class based on their preferences. He used A* search algorithm to efficiently solve a 15-puzzle game. He also built a chess agent using Minimax with Alpha-Beta pruning.

In the field of Machine Learning, a subfield in Artificial Intelligence, he worked on several research projects to solve real-world problems. He is exploring various domains to apply the learning techniques in Machine Learning: biomedical data, sound signal, tweets, etc.

He has experience in Reinforcement Learning, another subfield in Artificial Intelligence. He explored different algorithms on simple pathfinding problems. He designed an environment “BusGridworld” that could be utilized to check the adaptiveness of the agents to the non-stationary world.

He is dedicated to solving problems using his toolkits.